Wilrik - The Riffcrusher makes all of this great content for free. But you can help him and support his cause. There are various ways in which you can show support. The list below is an extensive list of what you can do to reach out, get in contact and take your support to the next level.

The easiest way to show your support is to like and follow as many of The Riffcrusher's socials. There are various ones. For instance the socials of his bands and music projects. You can find the links over at > the music section <

First of all, like and follow the official fan page on Facebook. This has an up-to-date overview of all the projects by The Riffcrusher. This way you always know what's coming up next!

Make sure to join our Discord server as well: > Join The Crusher Crew Discord server <

Click all the like buttons down below to stay tuned on all of The Riffcrusher's bands and music projects. This helps spreading the word. The more followers, the more people will hear about the great music by Wilrik - The Riffcrusher.

Show your support by buying merchandise! There is plenty of choice, so there's bound to be something for you. If you do buy something, the real way to help and support is to take a realy cool selfie and post it on social media using the right hashtag on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter: #theriffcrusher, #thelastbearender or #tlbe, #thepunisherband.

The Riffcrusher

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...and much more: https://teespring.com/stores/the-riffcrusher

The Last Bear Ender


Once you have a Spotify account or similar subscription to a music streaming service, you can listen to all of the Riffcrusher's music, free of charge and add-free. However, the music is itself it not "free". It's a result of hard work, dedication and lots and lots of creativity. You can also buy the actual music from Bandcamp for instance. Each song is €1,- but you can choose to spend more of course.



The most direct way to support Wilrik in his cause is to donate using PayPal. You can decide the amount, you are in control. Thanks in advance for considering a donation!



Become a patron!You can become a patron and support Wilrik in doing so: patreon.com/WilrikTRC. The least expensive subscription is only €1,- a month (ex. VAT). As a patron you get behind the access to scene material, early releases of the releases and direct contact with Wilrik and all other patrons!

Click the image to learn more about the different tiers.